Skiing in Biedjovággi

Considering the amount of snow just two weeks ago, I was convinced that this year skiing season would continue until mid-May. Alas, the May Day brought sunshine and a heatwave that left us in a wake of huge puddles and quickly vanishing snow. However, yesterday we found out that if you go even further up the mountains, to Biedjovággi which is 40 km from Kauto and where there a few decades ago was a gold mine (!), the skiing is simply awesome. It was almost a ruovdecuoŋu (“iron-crust,” the hardest kind of spring snow crust, hard enough to carry a car) so it was possible to ski wherever you liked. The quiet vast open space that opened in front of our eyes and the gufihtar-eallu (a reindeer herd of the underground people) which we could hear but not see…

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