Snow White in the Arctic – another (male) fantasy?

Just as top government officials are gathering in Bali for the UN Climate Change Conference comes news that carbon dioxide emissions at a new gas power plant in northern Norway are exceeding all limits.” (Aftenposten 4 Dec. 07)

“She has been sleeping there, waiting, virgin and attractive, with promises of the most costly pleasures ever seen in this part of the kingdom. Seven suitors she has, and they are no dwarves. They are licencees, and are called Statoil, TotalFinalElf, Gaz de France, Norsk Hydro, Amerada Hess, RWE DEA and Svenska Petroleum. Yesterday it became evident that Snow White was ready receive her suitors, the seven giants (…) No doubt [they] will drain the sleeping virgin to the last drop.” (Oddvar Nygård, Editorial comment, The regional newspaper Nordlys, 26 Sept. 01)*

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Homecomings part I

The snow is back – two weeks late they say – and it reminds me the time when we first got here ten months ago, when the days were even darker and the weather quite a bit colder. The freezing temperatures of 30-40 below lasted for two months from January to February. It was a shock after rainy mild Vancouver (via mild, sunny Italy). It turned my skin into a sandpaper and I also developed excema for the first time in my life. It was way too cold to x-c ski (something which I had been looking forward to a lot) or run outdoors, so one of the first things I did was to scout the town for treadmills or ellipticals or anything to workout. No such luck – the new huge sportshall had a dingy weight room where they had pretty dated looking weights and an ancient sad-looking stationary bike that should’ve been retired a while ago. I had to resort to using a bike trainer in the storage when walking in the cold weather didn’t quite do it (wrapped in layers and layers of clothes, face covered with a woolly scarf).

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