Last week there was an International Conference on Sami Self-Determination in Alta, Norway. You can check the program and view the webcast of the conference in the links below. I presented at the very end of the conference, but hey, it was the Sami National Day! (And the title of my talk was *not* “Female Perspective to Sami Self-Determination” as I don’t think such a thing exists. The title of my talk was “The Multiple Struggles for Self-Determination in the Age of Globalization — An Indigenous Feminist Analysis.” My talk is in English although I start off in Sami.) It was an informative conference with good discussion – but only a beginning on the long road toward rebuilding Sami self-determination.




2 thoughts on “Int’l Conference on Sami Self-Determination

  1. I have been trying to “find” you on the webcast. can you tell me exactly which session to watch and how far into it is your talk? thx,

  2. Sorry if it’s not very clear! You need to choose Day 3 and you should be able to move the cursor to forward toward the end of that day.

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