img_1366-copy-1.jpg I’ve made a little film about this gorgeous little donkey foal that was born in July 2007 and belongs to my brother-in-law on Heir Ireland, West Cork, Ireland. The film is my first and was shot with a regular digital camera. Check it out on the “Video” page, top right hand corner.

Lean ráhkadan oanehis filmmáža dán máilmmi čáppaseamos ásenvárssá birra, mii riegádii suoidnemánus 2007 ja gullá mu máhkii Heir sullos, Oarje-Corkis, Irlánddas. Filma lea mu vuosttas ja govvejin dan dábálaš digitála kamerain. Geahča filmmáža “Video” siiddus bajit olgešravddas.


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